Common Technical SEO Concerns and How to Fix Them

As much content as you post with keywords and links is not going to be the only answer to your SEO needs. Ideally, you need professional SEO Wall support and you need to avoid some of the common technical SEO issues others make. Even the best content is not going to boost your rankings if you have technical or structural issues with your website and online pages. Here are some of those issues and some things to consider in terms of changing them.

Unable to navigate easily

Not being able to easily get around the website can leave people frustrated, unlikely to buy anything or read anything and ready to leave. Crawlabilty issues and other such technical problems are one of the main reasons along with slow loading that can drive people away in just a few seconds. If search engines deem your site a low authority site because of poor engagement, then they are not going to rank you highly in relevant internet searches.

Using too much Flash on the site

Flash has become less popular over recent years because of how it can hinder search engine robots. If they cannot index your content and understand your website because of Flash they won’t be able to rank it accurately. An expert SEO Brick can help with this. If you are just having a website designed it is something to avoid.

Having URLs that are messy

Sometimes sites have awkward URLs with a lot of letters and numbers at the end. This happens especially with some blog and CMS platforms. These URLs affect your credibility and lead to reduced clicks. Ideally, SEO Wall should include cleaning up those URLs and instead having a keyword that lets the user know what the page is about. They are also something search engines can more easily read and will rank more positively.

Using images that are not optimized

Some images are not seen by search engines so that impacts your SEO Brick. These might be very attractive visually but when it is not doing anything else for you, the site is not optimized. Try to use a combination of CSS, Web fonts and HTML. These can be optimized and will help improve your rankings.

Having slow-loading pages

As mentioned page speed is very important. It is not just about user experience being good, it also impacts search engine ranking. Certain elements on sites affect their loading speed. CSS style sheets, images, videos and so on. There are testing tools you or your SEO expert can take advantage of though. You can test each page’s loading speed and then if it is not performing well then find what is slowing it down and change things. Even just going with one or two suggestions can speed it up by a few seconds. Another thing that can affect the speed of loading is the web hosting service you use. Shared hosting is more affordable but when you can, moving to a dedicated server means faster, more reliable and more secure web pages.


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